Nut-trition, Inc. is a California corporation dedicated to recovering functional food ingredients from the processing of almonds and other nuts. These unique products contain important micronutrients from nut byproducts which have traditionally been used only as animal feed. Nut-trition's scientists and engineers have developed proprietary technology to process these raw materials into safe, wholesome food ingredients. Because many healthful benefits of the almond are due to substances found in its outer seedcoat, Nut-trition products concentrate these healthful benefits - without the calories of fat.

Our first product was Almond Bran, made from dried almond skins. This functional fiber can be used in a wide variety of food and supplement applications. And coming soon is Almond Apeel, made by infusing whole almonds, a unique ingredient for teas and other beverages. Both contain abundant phytonutrients from whole almonds.
Almond Bran and Almond Apeel provide a natural source of powerful antioxidants that are both bioactive and bioavailable. Total antioxidant capacity of Almond Bran is more than 13 times greater than that of almonds alone. Removing the skins from the almond concentrates the antioxidant potential as well as the dietary fiber, essential minerals and phytosterols and produces a high potency, low fat food ingredient.
Nut-trition products are CONCENTRATED NUTRITION. Download Nutritional Composition

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