10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.

Across all fifty U.S. States, only Texas has its independent power grid, and actually that grid provides been strained by latest high temperatures. #9) Many emergencies arrive unannouncedThe Eastern seaboard of the USA was shocked by this latest ‘derecho’ wind storm. Unlike a hurricane which approaches over an interval of several days, this derecho event arrived without notice and struck unexpectedly. This is yet another reminder to be prepared at ALL times because many events arrive without notice whatsoever. The power grid can be removed by an EMP weapon OUR MOTHER EARTH will humble humanityAny time human beings get as well arrogant and too big-headed about all their amazing cell phone technology, hi-rise cities and nuclear power plants, OUR MOTHER EARTH just shrugs and transmits forth a tsunami of drinking water or wind as a delicate reminder to stay humble.Isotechnika may also receive ongoing royalties predicated on product sales of voclosporin by 3SBio. 3SBio will invest the US$4.5 million in Isotechnika through a three-year convertible debenture that will pay interest of 7 percent payable semi-annually. Isotechnika gets the option to pay interest in money or to issue fresh shares at the prevailing cost when the interest is normally payable. 3SBio gets the to convert the debenture at any time into common collateral of Isotechnika at a transformation price of C$0.155 per share. At maturity, any remaining balance will end up being paid by the issuance of common shares at a price of C$0.155 per share. 3SBio will also nominate one member to Isotechnika’s Board of Directors. ‘This agreement represents an important milestone for the continued advancement of voclosporin in transplantation indication world-wide after Isotechnika regained global privileges of this item in 2008,’ commented Dr.