5-year-old cuffed.

His behavior is inappropriate at times, and he is definitely a few. School officials, so that they can change Michael’s behavior, desired him to meet with the school’s police officer, in an attempt, an area media report said, to scare him direct. Only, when Michael and the cop, a Stockton, Calif., police lieutenant, met at a room in the school, the meeting didn’t go well. Michael, the cop stated in his record, he pushed my hands apart in a batting motion, pushed papers off the desk, and kicked me in the right knee. When the boy wouldn’t calm down, the officer – a law enforcement lieutenant – zip-tied his hands and foot and hauled him off to a nearby psychiatric medical center in the rear of a squad car, all without contacting Michael’s mom or father.And as it happens that most people are so brainwashed, therefore without critical thinking skills, therefore ignorant of their personal rights and powers that they will do practically anything the government tells them to do. So don’t be surprised if coming soon is the government’s pressured extraction of bodily fluids for DNA scanning. Perhaps the TSA can pull this off while they’re reaching down your pants, too, eh? Writer Mike Adams is also the composer of the favorite TSA outrage track called ‘Don’t Contact My Junk’..