A mans deep voice more attractive than good looks According to researchers from the U.

As the Hadza are monogamous, extra-marital sex is certainly common. The extensive research group interviewed 52 females and 49 males from the tribe, aged 18 to 55. The interviews took place in Swahili and the voices of the women and men were recorded. When the recordings had been studied it was discovered that the deep voiced men had fathered more children compared to the non-deep voiced males; the man with the deepest tone of voice acquired ten surviving children, while the one with the best pitched voice had just three. Apicella shows that the men with the low pitched voices had higher testosterone levels possibly, which attracted them even more to females or made them more appealing to them. Apicella says it is also a possibility that men with higher testosterone levels start reproducing previous in life and may also end up being better hunters.According to the CDC, the 2012-‘13 flu period led to more adult hospitalizations than most flu months. Older adults were among those even more impacted significantly, as those aged 65 and old accounted for over fifty % of all reported flu-related hospitalizations last period – the best %age reported because the CDC began collecting data on hospitalizations from flu in 2005-’06.

3-gene signature test shall improve care of kidney transplant individuals National medical trial demonstrates the 3-gene signature test, formulated at Weill Cornell Medical College, will improve care of kidney transplant individuals A breakthrough non-invasive test can detect whether transplanted kidneys are along the way of being rejected, along with identify patients at risk for rejection weeks to months before they show symptoms, in accordance to a study published in THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medicine .