According to Politico.

CQ HealthBeat: AFL-CIO Pledges Campaign To Stop Cuts To Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka informed reporters Mon that ‘we will run the campaign necessary’ to defeat any Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Protection reductions proposed by joint deficit reduction panel. But he stopped short of stating the labor group won’t endorse people of Congress who vote for such cuts. Trumka did say in the telephone briefing that opposition to potential cuts will be among the factors considered when it comes to making endorsements in the 2012 elections. Trumka stated he ‘could have a tough time envisioning us endorsing individuals who actually voted for major cuts to Social Protection, Medicare or Medicaid. That would have a dampening effect on any candidate even if they were endorsed,’ he added .Consequently, the two companies have got terminated the collaboration. For this, we intend to conduct a clinical trial, before year result in Germany, on one or even more formulations of insulin analog.. Daren Heyland, M.D., John Muscedere, M.D., Paul E. Wischmeyer, M.D., Deborah Cook, M.D., Gwynne Jones, M.D., Martin Albert, M.D., Gunnar Elke, M.D., Mette M. Berger, M.D., Ph.D., and Andrew G. Day, M.Sc. For the Canadian Critical Treatment Trials Group: A Randomized Trial of Glutamine and Antioxidants in Critically Ill Patients Ill sufferers have oxidative stress Critically.