Adamis receives U.

Adamis receives U.S. Patent for APC-100 to take care of prostate cancer Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation , today announced the technology which constitutes its substance APC-100 was granted a patent in the usa recently . A patent entitled Chroman-Derived Compounds for the treating Cancer tumor has been released. This patent, with previously issued European and US patents together, considerably strengthens the Adamis APC-100 patent portfolio for the usage of APC-100 in the treatment of early and past due stage prostate cancer. Claims include a method of: i.) inhibiting the growth of prostate malignancy cells; ii.) delaying the progression of prostate tumor; and, iii.) avoiding the recurrence of prostate cancers.

The general public launch of this program was announced at an annual prostate cancer awareness breakfast meeting organized by AdMeTech Foundation, a Boston non-profit bringing legislators together, advocates, and leading medical experts to make Massachusetts the national leader in closing the prostate tumor crisis through research, awareness, and education. The statewide plan's objective is to bring the cutting-edge advancements in prostate malignancy care and analysis from the world-leading hospitals to every man, his caregiver, and healthcare suppliers in Massachusetts. The advanced methods to screening, diagnosis and treatment are anticipated to save lives, improve standard of living, and reduce healthcare costs.