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Government continues to subject matter its troops to the deadly, dangerous medications pumped out by Big Pharma, we will have more violent massacres, more suicides, even more deaths, and a wave of liver kidney and failure failure in veterans. The drugging of troops today creates a windfall of upcoming income for Big Pharma as the side effects of each one of these drugs fully activate. What these troops don’t understand is while they think they’re ‘serving their nation’ for a noble cause, in truth they are often inadvertently serving as Big Pharma’s guinea pig profit centers, where every body is yet another opportunity for profit provided that an eternity of disease and drug dependence could be pressured upon innocents.AVRF and UPEI collaboration awarded Technology PEI Pilot and Discovery Fund grant Atlanta Vascular Research Basis , together with its collaborators at the University of Prince Edward Island , has been awarded an Creativity PEI Pilot and Discovery Fund grant by Innovation PEI. The grant is certainly to continue research and advancement in merging nutraceuticals to magnify clinical benefits for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The funding from this grant is $25,000. KlegermanSigma 1 receptor seems to play vital function in supporting the retinaThrough the collaboration between UPEI and AVRF, a novel compound has been created leading to the chemical combination of 2 distinctive nutraceuticals.