AOD Software named to 2010 Inc.

‘The 2010 Inc. 5000 showcases a hardy group of entrepreneurs particularly.’ ‘AOD Software program is proud to be the biggest long term care software program company on the Inc 5000 list,’ mentioned Aric Agmon, CEO of AOD Software. ‘During the last fifteen years, we’ve proven not only our success in the long term care sector, but also that AOD can be an innovative and financially solid firm that continues to grow quickly while assisting our customers serve the requirements of America’s Seniors.’ AOD Software is the leader of enterprise software serving the Long Term Care Industry.Specific conditions in communities and hospitals in Africa facilitate the pass on of the condition from human to individual. Three ebolavirus species possess caused huge outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa: EBOV, Sudan ebolavirus, and the recently described Bundibugyo ebolavirus.1,2 Epidemics have occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Gabon, Republic of Congo, and Uganda. Reston ebolavirus circulates in the Philippines. It has triggered disease in non-human primates however, not in humans.3 The fifth species, Tai Forest ebolavirus, was documented within a human infection due to contact with an infected chimpanzee from the Tai Forest in Ivory Coastline.4 Although the existence was indicated by this event of Tai Forest ebolavirus in West Africa, this subregion was not considered to be a location where EBOV was endemic.