Baked Foods – Almond bran adds insoluble fiber, natural color and a mild nutty flavor to all types of whole-grain breads, rolls, crackers and other products.

Fermented dairy and other probiotics – With demonstrated prebiotic effect, almond bran extends the shelf life of probiotic organisms in yogurt, kefir, and probiotic supplements.

Nutritional Supplements – Almond Bran is an ideal raw material for extraction of the natural plant polyphenols present in whole almonds, which can be utilized as nutraceutical ingredients.  Compounds such as flavanols, flavonols, dihydroflavonols and flavanones, and other nonflavonoid compounds found in almond skins have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties when ingested.  Extraction using water, or a combination of organic solvents followed by clarification, purification and drying yields a more concentrated form of these compounds.  Further isolation by way of selective solvent systems, chromatography, or molecular filtration yields proanthocyanidins (A- and B- type), propelargonidins, prodelphinidins (A- and B- type), flavanols and flavonol glycosides.  Such materials have value as food ingredients, health and cosmetic supplements, and pharmaceuticals.  Much research has been done, and more will come to determine the best use of these materials.  For a more complete list of the biologically active polyphenols, see our Specifications page.Pet food – Major market growth is projected for pet foods which have improved health value.  Add almond bran to dry or canned foods and snacks for improved digestion, and reduced inflammation in gums and joints.

Nutrition bars – Almond bran binds easily with fruit concentrates, nutsm grains and other ingredients used in nutrition bars.

Cereals – Incorporate almond bran into flaked, puffed or granulated cereals for improved fiber and nutrition.

Healthy snacks – Snack foods are undergoing a change as consumers seek nutrition-dense products which can provide more than just between-meal energy.  Almond bran has a wide spectrum of polyphenolic compounds that provide built-in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and heart-healthy benefits.

Nut replacement – Almond bran can be easily formed into a nut-like bit that is useful in reducing both cost and fat calories associated with whole-nut ingredients.  Use this “almond nugget” as an inclusion in ice creams, candies, cereals, bakery items, and any other food products in which nuts are used..