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Adults who have Access to the internet at home prone to romantic relationships: Research Internet is especially important for bringing together same-sex couples, and could […]

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The use of a single synthetic methodology eliminates the necessity for additional development period required in switching from solid to liquid phase methods and in […]

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There was no significant aftereffect of rosuvastatin on all-trigger mortality or on loss of life from noncardiovascular causes . None of the prespecified secondary outcomes […]


Michael D. Lesem, the publication’s business lead author, a principal investigator for the Phase 3 trial and Medical Director at Claghorn-Lesem Analysis Clinic, Houston, Texas. […]

Genetically Modified Foods.

The advent of genetically modified corn and soybeans meant that farmers could just spray a proper herbicide across their entire field, coating both crops and […]

ADDF awards $210.

Amicus’ encounter using PCs to stabilize correct proteins folding in Fabry disease provides support that this strategy has the potential to benefit patients. Wustman and […]

Abdalnasser Zayed.

Sohrab P . Shah, Ph.D.D., Janine Senz, B.Sc., Ryan D. Morin, M.Sc., Blaise A. Clarke, M.B., B.Ch., Kimberly C. Wiegand, B.Sc., Gillian Leung, B.Sc., […]

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