Naps CAN DO a Heart Good: MONDAY.

The finding appeared to endure even after accounting for a number of factors that can affect blood pressure, including smoking history, salt, coffee and alcohol […]

David Velinsky.

Academy demands research plan to minimize environmental influence of Marcellus Shale gas drilling Researchers propose comprehensive research plan to understand environmentally friendly effect of drillingThe […]

The United Kingdom.

BMS remains the only major AIDS drug producer to refuse to offer discounts. At $13,000 per patient each year, BMS’ Reyataz is one of the […]

Gerard McElvaney.

Bell, M.B., B.S., M.D.D., Matthias Griese, M.D., Edward F. McKone, M.D., Claire E. Wainwright, M.D., M.B., B.S., Michael W. Konstan, M.D., Richard Moss, M.D., Felix […]

Catherine Lombard Bohas.

James C. Yao, M.D ., Manisha H. Shah, M.D., Tetsuhide Ito, M.D., Ph.D., Catherine Lombard Bohas, M.D., Edward M. Wolin, M.D., Eric Van Cutsem, […]

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