Despite expanded usage of education for girls.

‘The free major education plan succeeded in bringing more children into school and helping them finish school faster; however, there are few alternatives to early childbearing when young women leave school,’ says Dr. Grant. ‘Increases in size in ladies' schooling attainment weren’t just compromised by low college quality, but were also not accompanied by an increase in ladies's economic opportunities.’.. Age at first childbirth in Malawi remains constant despite expanded education for youthful women The age initially birth in Malawi has remained constant from 1992 to 2010, despite expanded usage of education for girls. Social demographer Monica Grant explores this selecting in a new Population Development and Review paper, noting that it does not imply that women could have been better off in the lack of recent education guidelines.Nevertheless, our results present that after controlling for differences between non-octogenarians and octogenarians, age can be an independent risk factor for morbidity and mortality. The authors point to projections that an approximated 12 million Us citizens will swell the ranks of octogenarians by the entire year 2010, as the younger population ages and life span rises. An increasing amount of octogenarians going through coronary revascularization or valve medical procedures are certain to strain an already burdened health care system, they assert.