Diabetes can lead to blindness.

And 1 day, the procedure may be as simple as a blood transfusion. Type 1 diabetes, the most severe form of the condition, emerges as a chronic condition in childhood or early adulthood, when your body’s disease fighting capability stops working correctly and destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cells are needed to produce insulin, and a shortage of insulin inhibits the break down of meals into energy. By the proper time a diagnosis is made, most beta cells are destroyed beyond restoration. Shots of insulin can ease the symptoms, however, many sufferers from the disease require extreme measures eventually, such as organ transplants, to stay alive.Heart failing occurred in blacks if they were 39 years of age, on average, and was predicted by the current presence of hypertension, weight problems, chronic kidney disease, and depressed systolic function 10 to 15 years previous. These findings have essential implications for efforts aimed at preventing heart failure in this high-risk human population. Previous research on the epidemiology of heart failure has focused on older adults.2,3,15 Several recent studies demonstrated that the incidence of heart failure was up to 2 times as saturated in blacks as in whites16-18; the populations in these studies were generally elderly, with a mean age in the beginning of observation that ranged from 55 to 74 years.