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Of the 4,000 people questioned two thirds were unaware that being overweight or obese increases the threat of some cancers. And almost a similar number did not know that a diet lower in fruit and veggies could increase their chance of getting the disease. Only one third mentioned drinking less alcoholic beverages as a means of reducing risk. And around 75 percent of those questioned were ignorant of the cancer tumor risks posed by taking HRT or having many sexual partners.With the use of an interactive tone of voice response system, sufferers were randomly designated in a 1:1 ratio to receive olaparib capsules, at a dose of 400 mg twice daily ,23 or coordinating placebo within 8 weeks after completion of the last dose of platinum-based chemotherapy . Research treatment was blinded with the use of exclusive identifiers generated during randomization. Individuals continued the assigned study treatment until goal disease progression, as defined by RECIST guidelines, so long as they did not meet any criteria for discontinuation until objective assessment of disease progression according to RECIST guidelines27 or loss of life . Progression-free of charge survival was assessed by using computed tomographic scans attained every 12 weeks and was calculated on the basis of measurements of focus on and nontarget lesions and assessment for new lesions that were recorded by the investigators.