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16-month-aged gets smallest artificial heart A 16-month-boy has received the world’s smallest artificial center. Italian doctors implanted the device – – weighing in at 11 grams – – in to the infant to provide him more period to wait for a center donor. For comparison, a grown-up center weights 900 grams. Later on, doctors told Reuters that they hope devices like this can be a permanent fix. The baby, whose name is not being released, was experiencing dilated myocardiopathy, an illness of the heart muscles affecting the main pumping chamber or the remaining ventricle, based on the Mayo Clinic.You live with autism. Autism is definitely a complicated neurodevelopmental disorder influencing sensory and motor systems extremely, language and speech acquisition and conversation and social skills. Children with autism face enormous challenges in interacting with others and participating in the globe around them. Each youngster with an autistic spectrum disorder presents a distinctive constellation of features, and, not amazingly, not one treatment method is equally effective in all autistic children for all top features of the disorder.