Friday the agency said.

VA spokeswoman Katie Roberts has declined to supply any information on how widespread the issues might have been other than saying an assessment of the situation continues. She said within an e-mail Friday that ‘there is a very small threat of harm to sufferers from the methods at each site.’ She said the HIV outcomes ‘still need to be verified’ in additional lab tests. The VA statement displays the amount of ‘potentially affected’ individuals totals 10,797, including 6,387 who got colonoscopies at Murfreesboro, 3,341 who had colonoscopies at Miami and 1,069 who were treated at the ear, throat and nose clinic at Augusta.Few people understand the difference between radiation and chemotherapy therapy. Chemotherapy today includes giving you drugs which actively seek out your tumor and kills those cancers cells and shrinks your tumor. When undergoing chemotherapy today, you probably won’t lose one hair because of the chemo unless your cancer is on your head and radiation therapy is usually utilized, and unlike the radiation treatments of long ago, seldom does someone need to suffer radiation burns on good healthy bodily parts today. You see, today chemotherapy and radiation therapy can pinpoint wherever to put the malignancy destroying radiation and such. Also, today they routine chemotherapy which means that your body does not weaken the way that it used to prior to cycling it. What that means is that you shall be set up for chemotherapy for X quantity of days, and then you will receive time to overcome that, build up your strength once again before the next cycle is scheduled.