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Substantial evidence from the past decade reveals increased mortality through the first half a year of grief among surviving spouses of both genders, in the past due middle age and retired age bands especially.. A broken heart: the health consequences of spouse bereavement Loss of a spouse or partner could cause heartbreak, in symbolic conditions and be expressed in physical symptoms. Although grief reactions are anticipated, symptoms suggestive of cardiac disease should be investigated immediately.Farauti sensu stricto. Among A. Koliensis mosquitoes, 94 percent had been captured in Nanaha and Ngahmbule; molecular confirmation of the morphologic identification of A. Punctulatus resulted in 95 percent concordance. Only mosquitoes that were identified as A. Punctulatus on morphologic analysis harbored W. Bancrofti infective larvae. Subsequent data are therefore predicated on morphologically identified A. Punctulatus. The proportion of A. Punctulatus mosquitoes which were contaminated with any stage of larvae decreased from 1.8 percent to 0.4 percent after bed-net distribution . None of the mosquitoes that were collected in Peneng, Nanaha, or Ngahmbule after bed-net distribution contained larvae of any stage. Notably, no mosquitoes harboring infective larvae were recognized in any of the villages after bed-net distribution .