Its nutritional profile displays it can replace a lot more expensive supplements.

They reflect existing behaviors and habits as opposed to the introduction of a substance to be studied. In one trial with human subjects, the consequences of spirulina on oral carcinogenesis had been studied. Researchers found that 45 % of their 77 subjects showed total regression of leukoplakia, an oral cancerous circumstances, after taking spirulina supplements for one year. Several animal research have revealed that spirulina produced tumor regression. The most recent of the, reported in the January 21 edition of Medical Oncology reported a study of male hamsters released to a powerful carcinogen through their buccal pouches. They were divided in four organizations. Group one received the carcinogen three times a week for 32 weeks. Group 2 received the same carcinogen and at exactly the same time was given 10 mg daily of spirulina.Skin biopsy demonstrated a series of vessels with fresh or organised thrombi, along with a easy lining of endothelial cells .

APEC leaders discuss food security During the second day of a gathering of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group in Vladivostok, Russia, sunday upon, leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific nations discussed food security, VOA’s ‘Breaking News’ blog reports. ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin known as food security one of the most acute problems today as he opened the final day time of talks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit,’ your blog writes . The leaders also talked about trade and innovative growth in your community, Xinhua notes .