Medical Director of NJ Plastic Surgery.

1440 nm wavelength beneficial in laser-assisted lipolysis for tissue and fat-disruption tightening Cynosure, Inc. today announced the demonstration of a new study that demonstrates the clinical benefits of utilizing a 1440 nm wavelength in laser-assisted lipolysis to disrupt extra fat tissue and tighten epidermis through tissue coagulation.D., Medical Director of NJ Plastic Surgery, is among six Cynosure-related abstracts being offered this week at the 2010 American Society for Laser Medication and Surgery Annual Meeting in Arizona. Dr. DiBernardo’s study evaluated the fat-disruption and cells tightening that occurred in abdominal tissue treated with three distinct wavelengths, including a 1440 nm laser.S.Patients who have had discontinued telaprevir or boceprevir because of adverse occasions were excluded. Other exclusion criteria were chronic liver disease other than HCV an infection and coinfection with HIV or hepatitis B virus. All sufferers provided written educated consent. Study Oversight The analysis was conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines and was approved by the institutional review board or independent ethics committee at each site.