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On the other hand, have male adolescents with chronic diseases, no significant differences in the Internet use than their peers. Suris said, not the difference between boys and girls. – ‘Girls use the Internet for socialization while boys use it for games,’he said. ‘In total, women are, women are more sociable than men. ‘.

Given the popularity of online medical sites, it illnesses would that people with chronic illnesses would turn for information on the web is available, but you have to be careful reliable reliable sources, if they do this, said Jeanie age, program manager of the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University. Social networking sites can also be an outlet for socializing, the offer may not be feasible when dealing with a chronic disease .. After the new Swiss study Internet use in adolescents in the country , as in other western regions, with 91 per cent of 14 to 19 year olds logging online several times a week.The results Penninger and colleagues provide is a molecular explanation for In fact an SARS infection to severe respiratory failure and suggest an rational therapy to SARS and possibly other respiratory illnesses against Virus. In fact, a paper showing in the same group in 7th July edition of Nature publishes that ACE2 can protect mice in front induce acute severe respiratory failure by acute respiratory distress syndrome .

Explanation for is blood pressure regulating protein ACE2O paper reports to the August issue of by has is angiotensin – converting enzyme 2 virus in vivo.

To 2003, a new pathogen – the SARS virus is spreading rapidly around the world, at a severe pneumonia and respiratory failure was death. ACE2 one protein to cell line was best known for his role in the regulators of blood pressure, has been identified as candidates SARS receptors. Now is Josef Penninger and colleague offer that the first genetic prove that ACE2 be of SARS receptor in vivo.