Peter Lee and Jan Hamling of P.

Peter Lee and Jan Hamling of P. Lee Statistics and Computing Ltd, led the analysis of 89 studies from the USA and Scandinavia. They found that to be very limited after adjustment for concurrent smoking, no effect of current U.S. Products or Scandinavian snuff seems. Lee says, ‘It is clear that any effect smokeless tobacco on risk of cancer, if it exists at all, is quantitatively much smaller than the known effects of smoking.’.

Relationship based on the combined evidence from these 14 studies published since 1990 , which allow adequate control impact of smoking is based.

GlaxoSmithKline Cautionary statement regarding forward-looking statements within the safe harbor provisions of the U.S. Can affect factors that GSK Risk Factors ‘in the ‘Business Review’ in the company ‘s Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year 2007 ‘ s operations are described in the section ‘.. In the year 2005 in U.S. Men aged 35 or more, there was a total of 142,205 deaths of seven types of cancer than are caused by smoking. If these people had never smoked, Lee and Hamling estimated that the numbers would have reduced by 104,737, with the reduction of deaths from lung cancer, the major contributors.Professor Mansel Aylward CB, Chair of the Wales Centre for Health directs the Commission shall, and eight other member marked of a range of health backgrounds. ‘That Bevan to me me competent advice and mean that Wales can attract increasingly the of best practice around the world, while true to to the principles of the NHS set carried Aneurin Bevan. ‘.

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