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Authors John P. Capitanio, professor of psychology at UC Davis and Deputy Director of the California National Primate Research Center and Professor Marina E. Emborg at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center describe the importance of non-human primates in studies of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, neurological complications of AIDS, and stress.

This meeting, as the outstanding scientific and pedagogical meeting to female consider Crab treatment of are are more than 350 scientific oral and poster presentations, and training courses deal of progress in care and treatment from womens cancer. And than important emerging economies technical progress is the subject of MIS and robotics in the particularly over 10 posters and lectures are discussed, H robotic surgical scientific information to date , and its growing popularity in the the traditional practice of open surgery. In addition, specific robotics , focusing on, focusing on like Robotik surgery can be into practice and the effects in the field in the area together with a special surgical post-graduate price, assist for ‘tips and tricks ‘to shorten to provide is will be built learning curve with a robotics. ‘Gynecology oncology are getting more and view more interests in robotic technologies to treat gynecological malignancies such as uterine and cervical cancer,’said Dr. Patrick Lowe, Director gynecological oncology robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Programme at Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Northwestern University. ‘As a cancer specialists, we are always looking for ways propose to to enhance the surgical management of our patients and the impact of quality of life of in a positive way first to information us we achieve those goals with robotic surgery. ‘.

About our company of Gynaecological Oncology The SGO is the national medical specialty organization physicians in the comprehensive in the comprehensive treating women with malignant disease of the reproductive tract. Its purpose is to further improve the care of women with gynecological cancer through the promotion of research, diffusion of knowledge dissemination of knowledge the be the standards of practice of preventing and treating gynecological malignancies and at collaboration with other organizations, preventive healthcare women women, oncology and related fields. The social member worth more than 1280 is first and foremost which gynecologic oncologists, and other related health professionals including the medical oncology, radiation oncologists and pathologists composed. SGO members of offer a multidisciplinary cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and supportive care in.