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The research team are now undertaking a randomised study correlating the rash with tumour response prospectively. ‘Our results could be very essential,’ he said. ‘While no rash does not mean no tumour response, it does mean there is a lower chance of response from these treatments and that may possess future implications for treatments with EGFR inhibitors.’.. AMA commends President Obama for commitment to one-year delay of Medicare cut into law AMA President Attends Oval Workplace Bill Signing The following statement is attributable to Cecil B.Skin-biopsy samples from four patients showed evidence of IgM deposition in two sufferers and C3 deposition in scattered vessels with fibrin deposits in three, suggesting the current presence of trapped immune complexes . Three patients had low-titer autoantibodies that have emerged in vasculitis and the antiphospholipid syndrome , but these antibodies disappeared as time passes . Five of the six individuals had proof interstitial lung disease, and all had hilar or paratracheal lymphadenopathy while observed on computed tomography of the chest .