PRESS RELEASE Based on nominations from leading stakeholders within the voluntary carbon markets.

Added Oscar Wezenbeek, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business: We are delighted that our efforts to build up the market’s first carbon credits methodology have been recognized. This is another significant step in helping and incentivizing ship owners to invest in clean technology and functioning towards reducing emissions and enhancing the sustainability of the delivery industry. In the first round of promises, two ship owners are because of be awarded a mixed total of almost $500,000 for 17 vessels in 2015. And predicated on the 100 eligible vessels converted from a biocidal covering to the Intersleek range currently, there exists a further estimated $2.8 million available for ship operators and owners. AkzoNobel’s partners in developing the carbon credits methodology, FReMCo, also won the very best Project Developer – Energy Efficiency award in recognition of the initiative.Any imaging cuts, on top of those previous, would drive many imaging providers to close and drive imaging back to the large medical center setting. Medicare costs and patient co-pays are higher for providers provided in hospitals often. A 2009 research for the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that increased usage of medical imaging is certainly directly tied to increased life span for Americans. Those with less imaging access don’t live for as long.