Professor Leong Ng.

Professor Leong Ng, the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Group in the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, commented, ‘could replace the blood test TIMI score as a means of stratifying risk of heart attack patients, it is simple simple and quite reproducible ‘. ‘.

Several common single – gene mutations in glioblastoma was observed. However, therapies that are not based on clinical results, these changes probably improved because they have failed systematically to the proteins, where the tumor eliminate ‘ hooked ‘ said Dr. Iavarone. Iavarone and his colleagues suspected that glioblastomas could to proteins produced by gene fusions are addicted. Such mergers have been in other cancers, especially chronic myelogenous leukemia associated with. Novartis AG drug Gleevec , which targets a fusion protein for CML , has to be very effective in arresting the disease.

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