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The analysis also discovered that the web is especially very important to finding potential partners in groups where in fact the supply is small or difficult to recognize such as in the gay, lesbian, and middle-aged heterosexual communities. Among lovers who met within 2 yrs of the HCMST Wave I study in the winter of 2009, 61 % of same-sex lovers and 21.5 % of heterosexual couples met online. ‘Couples who meet online are much more likely to end up being same-sex couples, and more likely to become from different spiritual backgrounds somewhat,’ Rosenfeld said.He lately found out recurrent somatic mutations of the STAG2 gene in multiple individual tumor types and found that STAG2 inactivation is usually a genetic reason behind aneuploidy in human cancer. This ongoing work includes a first-author paper in the journal Science, five first-author papers in the journal Tumor Research, and several additional co-author publications in journals including Clinical Malignancy Research, Oncotarget, and Molecular and Cellular Biology.