Said Walter Ling.

These data are very promising and I think that the success of Probuphine should significant impact on significant impact on effectively treat effectively treat opioid addiction, said Walter Ling, Professor of psychiatry and director of the Integrated Substance Abuse Programs at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and lead investigator of the study. As a physician, I am from the growing problem of opioid addiction, especially prescription opioid abuse, and to treat the challenge effectively our patients with a safe, durable and diversion – resistant treatment in question. This data could in a dramatic change translate into our treatment options.

Until recently supported the only approved for for opioid addiction only a limited number of authorized facilities in the United States had available in 2000, U.S. Physicians are certified to less restricted opioid dependency in an office environment in an office environment, has the greatly extended patient access to opiate addiction pharmaceutical therapies. Despite these advances, this remains a very underserved market with only about 750,000 people around the world received drug treatment for opioid addiction.

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