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Six men who received zoledronic acid and 11 men who received placebo had a number of clinical vertebral or nonvertebral fractures during the study , but the between-group difference was not significant. By using the observed effects in the HORIZON studies,13,14 Bayesian analyses recommended that zoledronic acid may decrease the risk of medical fractures among men . Bone Density As compared with placebo, zoledronic acid was associated with sustained and significant increases in bone mineral density at the lumbar backbone, total hip, and femoral throat over a 24-month period . The result of zoledronic acid on bone mineral density was comparable in males with total testosterone levels of more than 350 ng per deciliter and in males with levels of 350 ng per deciliter or much less .001 for all comparisons) .‘ADXS-PSA continues to show activity in types of prostate tumor, confirming our decision to go this construct into scientific development. The potential synergy of radiotherapy and ADXS-PSA observed in this scholarly research suggests that ADXS-PSA might be coupled with other therapies that display efficacy in this sort of tumor,’ commented Dr. John Rothman, EVP of Technology and Procedures at Advaxis.

ALLOZYNE’s AZ17 antagonist displays positive data for treatment of autoimmune diseases ALLOZYNE Inc.