Study Questions Findings That Prolonged Sitting down Is Unhealthy: WEDNESDAY.

The participants also gave details on daily strolling and any moderate to vigorous physical activity. Age group, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, general health, smoking, alcoholic beverages consumption and diet were all included in the results. The findings were published online Oct. 9 in the International Journal of Epidemiology. ‘Policy makers should be cautious in recommending a decrease in the time spent sitting down without also promoting increased exercise,’ study co-author Melvyn Hillsdon, also from the university’s section of sport and wellness sciences, stated in the news release. ‘Our study overturns current thinking on the health risks of sitting down and indicates that the issue lies in the lack of movement rather than the time spent sitting down itself.Once the experts have identified target genes that regulate the PG and GAG structure, they’ll enter the next phase of the task and try to manipulate those genes to see if indeed they can develop valvular ECM in the lab that rivals what the body produces alone. You want to transform valve biology into a older scientific field, she stated. There’s an urgent clinical need for living, healing heart-valve replacements, for children especially, who currently need to undergo medical procedures every few years as they outgrow their replacement valves. Grande-Allen said an improved basic understanding of the biology of heart-valve tissue could also result in novel therapies that could prevent or get rid of valve disease without surgery.

AMGA defines high-performing health systems The American Medical Group Association today released its definition of high-performing health systems to educate legislators and the general public about the need to foster meaningful change that promotes the unique attributes of the systems and to aid provider organizations within their efforts to improve patient care.