Stunted growth and impaired learning ability.

This unusual parasite bores miniature tunnels through the lining of the large intestine where it might live for years. The study has identified molecules that the parasite uses for tunnelling, how the damage is bound by the parasite it inflicts, and how the disease fighting capability responds to contamination. ‘Worm infections are a massive public health problem over the Developing World and with therefore few effective medicines, the emergence of drug resistance is an ever present risk,’ says Dr Matthew Berriman, senior author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.That is where they first do injury to patients. The entire minute you go in to see a doctor, and you get yourself a label for a condition that is a name for some sort of disease, sign, or disorder, the labeling of you as a patient is simply by itself extremely harmful. It makes you believe you ‘HAVE’ something, and that it should be a real disease because it now includes a name. Yet, this way to obtain harm goes unrecognized by conventional medicine completely. This is simply one of the many reasons I urge visitors to fire their doctors. Check out naturopaths, or at least a physician who promotes a naturopathic philosophy of assisting your health rather than trying to take it over with drugs and chemicals. Don’t automatically believe your doctorI do not mean to state all MD’s are automatically bad, just the vast majority of them.