Summer time was a busy season for FDA drug warnings.

In order to prescribe and dispense clozapine, october 12 prescribers and pharmacies must be qualified in this Clozapine REMS Plan starting, 2015. Continue Reading >> 4. Ingenol mebutate The FDA cautioned patients and health care professionals in past due August to be wary when using Picato gel due to reports of herpes zoster reactivation, severe eye accidents, and skin reactions linked to the gel’s application. Some of these adverse reactions stemmed from not really applying the gel according to the recommendations on the drug’s label. As a result, the FDA is requiring adjustments to Picato’s label to warn about these new risks and offer additional instruction on the product’s appropriate software.What your skin requirements is nourishment. It is capable of braving the summer sun, dry surroundings and dirt and grime that travels with the air. Skin may be the first protection against external elements and you need to strengthen this protection. But through the use of chemical rich soaps and creams, you are doing just opposite. Ordinary soaps seems to work well since it cleans the skin pores and in addition rejuvenates the skin cells and tissues but it is a side effect of the chemical and this good effect subsides within a couple of hours.