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Nicole Neel, PhD, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancers Center, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, dealing with Channing Der, PhD, is normally focusing on methods to block the RalB protein which is a focus on of the KRAS oncogene that’s present in more that 90 % of pancreatic cancers. RalB may be a key to allowing pancreatic tumor cells to metastasize. Kyuson Yun, PhD, The Jackson Laboratory, is definitely investigating whether a proteins expressed at high amounts in aggressive forms of many cancers including breast, colon and pancreas, could be expressed in malignancy stem cells in glioblastoma specifically, the most common type of brain cancer.6-Crocidolite asbestos These are known as blue asbestos commonly, and it is identified by its straight blue fibers. This form is believed to be the most dangerous form of asbestos. Crocidolite asbestos occurs naturally in locations such as Australia, South Africa, Bolivia, the former Soviet Union, and Canada.

Adeona announces five scientific publications on Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced five scientific publications on the part of copper toxicity and zinc insufficiency in Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.