The differences among the GOP.

Los Angeles Times: Republican Policy Needs Threaten Budget Talks The federal budget stalemate that stands to result in a federal government shutdown shifted Thursday from a debate over spending cuts to a fight over the thorny plan issues of abortion and environmental regulation that have divided Democrats and Republicans for years . Politico: Government Shutdown Won’t Stop Wellness Law Implementation Execution of medical reform law will not stop if there is a authorities shutdown, an HHS official says.5 on-line in the brand new England Journal of Medicine. For the study, Sweeney and colleagues assigned 790 men with prostate cancer randomly, average age 63, to chemotherapy plus hormone therapy or hormone therapy alone. In addition to the survival benefit, men who received the mix of chemotherapy and hormone therapy saw their tumor remain dormant for more than 20 a few months before it started to progress, compared with near 12 a few months among those who only received hormone therapy, researchers found. Sweeney said that relative side effects of the chemotherapy were mild, in general. Fatigue, low white blood cell infections and count were the most typical side effects, the scholarly study said. One man died from an unknown cause, though experts said the death might have been due to the chemotherapy.