The principal efficacy endpoint.

The results of this Phase IIb study show that A3309 has the potential to end up being a significant therapeutic addition for sufferers with persistent constipation. I am certain that scientists and clinicians alike look forward to seeing further results with this exciting brand-new compound said William D. Chey, MD, Professor of Internal Medication, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. More than 30 million people suffer from CIC and IBS-C and the results of the Phase IIb trial further support the potential of A3309 to be a significant treatment for these individuals. The info in the trial presented today give a solid bottom for continue into Phase III in 2011 stated Hans Graffner, Chief Medical Officer of Albireo.Although this result is usually significant, it is not immediately obvious why African Americans valued health states more highly than members of racial and ethnic groupings. Possible reasons for this difference include racial differences in risk attitude, which characterizes someone’s willingness to activate in risky prospects. These results could have been influenced by personal or cultural beliefs about health also, which in turn, could have been influenced by personal experience with illness.