The results of this research found that boys use relational violence much more.

Relational violence is a girl thing toAlthough the results of studies of this kind of violence and its links to gender have been contradictory, the results of this research found that boys use relational violence much more, except when the violent behavior a defensive response to provocation, if there is no difference between boys and girls.

Better understanding of what causes the damage may may be able to treatments that specifically remedy this problem to design If this finding is also true for other lysosomal storage diseases, the impact could be particularly fruitful. NEXT.. Previous studies have shown that some teenagers who are popular among their own relational violence to maintain and enhance their reputation in their peer group. With high self-esteem is an important aspect, because that is important indulging in the inhibition of behavior in adolescents from the relational violence between peers at school includes, said Moreno.

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