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‘When necessary and appropriate there are a number of therapies open to address discomfort and enhance their well-being,’ Green says.. 20 percent of cancer survivors experience chronic pain: Study Surviving cancer may also mean surviving pain, according to a study simply by the University of Michigan Health System displaying 20 % of tumor survivors at least two years post diagnosis possess current cancer-related chronic pain. The scholarly study, published online before print in the American Tumor Society’s journal Cancer, gives new insight on problems in malignancy survivorship among the growing number of U.S. Tumor survivors. A lot more than 40 % of individuals surveyed had experienced pain since their diagnosis, and the pain experience was worse for blacks and ladies.Mazur, an assistant Treasury secretary, wrote on the section's Site in disclosing the delay. ‘We recognize that the vast majority of businesses that will need to do this reporting currently provide health insurance with their workers, and we want to make sure it really is easy for others to take action’ . The Wall Street Journal: Health-Regulation Penalties For Big Companies To Be Delayed In 2014 Many large companies already provide insurance coverage voluntarily, but some industries, particularly cafe and additional and retail sectors with significant amounts of lower-wage workers, had criticized the excess costs they would face under the provision. The Treasury Department stated Tuesday afternoon that it had been delaying enforcement of the Affordable Care Action's provision for 2014 to give companies more period to adjust .