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BMS remains the only major AIDS drug producer to refuse to offer discounts. At $13,000 per patient each year, BMS’ Reyataz is one of the priciest first-line AIDS treatments available. Merck and Company, Johnson & Johnson’s Tibotec Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences Inc., Viiv Healthcare and Abbott Labs have all offered significant discounts and pricing concessions to cash-strapped ADAPs.. 2014 Medical Tourism Index lists world’s top destinations Healthcare seekers contemplating an inexpensive treatment overseas and seeking for the right destination should know that Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore and Costa Rica have already been ranked as the most attractive locations for medical tourism in 2014, today the International Healthcare Research Center announced.A few of these off-label uses are medically accepted and commonly prescribed but currently unapproved by america Food and Drug Administration . Under current law, medications are approved by the FDA for specific uses. Once a medication is approved, physicians might exercise their informed medical judgment to prescribe the drug for any use, including off-label uses. It is estimated that around 20 % of most prescriptions in the usa are used by physicians for off-labeli indications and so are often used to treat very serious conditions such as cancer and AIDS. The FDA has acknowledged the importance and legitimacy of the off-label use of many pharmaceutical products. The FDA and Division of Justice, however, take the position that federal law prohibits pharmaceutical sponsors from proactively offering details to the medical community on off-label uses even when such info is accurate and full.