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The Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Are Focused On Calming Their Divided Ranks After a tumultuous week of party infighting and leadership stumbles, congressional Republicans are focused on calming their divided ranks in the entire months ahead, mostly by touting proposals which have wide backing within the GOP and shelving any big-ticket legislation for the rest of the year. In depth immigration reform, tax reform, tweaks to the federal government health care law – – bipartisan offers on each are probably dead in the water for the rest of the Congress.Patients who were designated to undergo bariatric medical procedures were evaluated by surgical, nutrition, and psychology services as necessary.14 Supplement and nutrient supplementation after gastric bypass included a multivitamin, iron, vitamin B12, and calcium citrate with vitamin D; after sleeve gastrectomy, such supplementation included a vitamin and multivitamin B12. Individuals were assessed for dietary deficiencies within 12 weeks after surgery.