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Overweight people also tend to be effected with high cholesterol and diabetes. Therefore, apart from losing weight, your diet will include unsalted nuts and dark leafy greens. 4. You shall Be Less Depressed There is a link between depressive disorder and obesity. And when obesity is coupled with low physical activity, the problem becomes far worse. 5. You WILL KEEP Vital Organs Well Protected It’s been reported that being obese or overweight drastically escalates the chronic renal failing risk.And Santa Cruz, Calif., saturday topped away at 101 degrees on, beating the previous record high for Aug. 15 by 13 degrees. While these high temperatures and humidity levels could be a serious threat to health, there are a true number of actions you can take to protect yourself and others, said Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Medical center in NEW YORK. It’s important to drink plenty of cool fluids, and stay out from the sun during the mid-part of the day when sunlight is normally the strongest, Glatter stated in a medical center news release. Make an effort to stay indoors where air conditioning is available.