This patch is a layer of drug coated nanodiamonds.

Ho and colleagues previously developed a polymer patch may be used to deliver chemotherapy drugs locally to sites where tumors might have been removed. This patch is a layer of drug – coated nanodiamonds, which embedded the release of the drug moderately. The patch can controlled and sustained release over a small period of months, which. The need for the removal of a tumor after the chemotherapy – ‘An attractive enhancement will be to use the Nano Fountain the continuous the continuous drug – nanodiamond films currently in these devices replace with patterned arrays composed of multiple drugs, ‘Ho says.

The research was supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. – In addition to Espinosa and Ho, other authors of the paper titled Nano Fountain sample-based high – resolution patterning and single-cell injection of functionalized nanodiamonds, are Owen Loh, Robert Lam, Mark Chen, Nicolaie Moldovan and Houjin Huang of from Northwestern University.

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