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Underlying infection suddenly and unexpectedly, underlying bacterial infection may be involvedautopsies in otherwise unexplained cases of sudden unexpected death in infancy sometimes show aureus high Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli bacteria, indicating that they might be employees with the condition, according to an article published on 30 Published May 2008 in The Lancet over the counter .

In conclusion, the authors summarize their results and show that this correlation requires further research on the mechanism of action. We have found that significantly more organisms potentially potentially pathogenic of infants, whose sudden were isolated, not sudden death children whose children whose death was explained the non-infectious causes. Though the reasons for this are unclear, results of our or or microbial products could be related to the pathogenesis of of the proportion of unexplained SUDI We must now investigate the pathophysiological mechanism involved in these cases .

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